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Perth Goes Bonks Over 'Impulse Buy Of The Century'

In what was described as the impulse buy of the century, comes this story about a dinosaur head that caused a bidding war across Perth.

On Thursday morning, Carmen told us how her mate Jim uploaded a couple of pictures of a giant dinosaur head on Facebook.

It had been used as part of display at the Australian Geographic shop in Carillion City which was closing down, so Jim thought he’d buy it. Because of course.

“It was hanging on the wall and I asked them what they were doing with it, so I made them an offer and ended up buying it, just like that,” Jim told 96FM’s Carmen and Fitzi.


“They told me they paid $10,000 to have it built years ago… it’s a pretty professional piece of equipment.”

Jim said he paid $100 for the head which lights up, roars, is made of heavy fiberglass… and takes up most of his ute’s tray space.


“I was going to put it in my little girl’s bedroom because she likes dinosaurs but it’s ridiculously heavy – it’s huge.”

At the time, Jim said he didn’t know what to do with it, but he needed to get it off his hands.

Because, you see, Jim has a wife.

Actual footage of Jim's wife ^^

And in the words of Dr Ian Malcolm (what up, Jurassic Park fans), perhaps Jim was so preoccupied with whether he could, he didn't stop to think if he should.

So, it was up to the people of Perth to see if we could help Jim out with offers of cash or a trade.

And it went bonks.

Trades included a car fridge, a Holden cap signed by Peter Brock, Larry Perkins and Dick Johnson, tip passes and a spa.


But it was Dianne’s offer on behalf of the Good Shepherd Primary School in Kelmscott which landed Patricia (yes, we were informed that the dinosaur head had a name) a new home in the school’s science department:

- $250 flower arrangement -  donated by Di Owen Flowers

- $300 worth of clothing by Postie

- $150 voucher from Hair by Alison

- Tupperware package by Heather Kershaw

- Big box of mixed fruit and veggies – donated by Grower Direct Produce

- Two dozen farm fresh eggs and a big tub of fresh honey 

“And a signed photo of 220 kids saying thank you!” Dianne said.

Happy wife, happy life....

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