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Pete Murray Recalls His Unbelievable 'Sliding Doors' Moment

It’s been a long time between albums for Pete Murray. Six years, in fact.

The big day for Camacho is June 2, ahead of a 32-date national tour in July. His first single ‘Take Me Down’, is released today.

He told Carmen & Fitzi that the similarities between his massive debut album Feeler, released in 2003, and the new Camacho are uncanny.

“With this one, I’ve taken my time to get it to the level to which I think it’s perfect,” he said.

“But I have this doubt… when Feeler came out I had this massive doubt about it, I thought ‘this is not going to work’, I thought my career was over before it even began… and it just exploded.”

But it nearly didn’t.

Not long before Feeler even existed, Murray had been selected in a rugby team – a team where “a lot of guys were making their way to the Wallabies.”

“There was talk of making the Australian seven’s side to go to Hong Kong and play in that tournament and some other world tournaments, so I was super excited.”

    “About a month later, a couple of weeks after the tournament was over, my sister goes ‘oh, you know what, I had a message for you the other day and I forgot to give it to you’,” he said.

    “She had said ‘some guy, um, Bob Dwyer called you’ and I was like ‘you’re kidding me’.”

    Bob Dwyer being the coach of the Wallabies at the time.

    “That was my opportunity, I've never quite forgiven her for it,” he joked.

    Not long after that, Feeler came out.

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