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7 Problems You Find When Wearing Glasses for The First Time

Anyone who has to wear glasses knows what it’s like to pop them on for the first time - it’s pretty overwhelming to suddenly see how sharp and clear everything looks.

They can take a bit of getting used to, and we’re not just talking about giving your peepers some time to adjust.

There’s another kind of adjustment.

And since getting specs for the first time a couple of weeks ago, 96FM's Carmen has noticed a string of problems she never knew existed until she got glasses.

Here’s what she told Fitzi on Breakfast on Friday...

- Opening the oven to check on what’s inside is now futile, because they fog up making you even more blind than you were without specs.

- There is a thing called a “coffee bubble” that escapes from the lid of your takeaway cup, and bursts onto your freshly cleaned lens every time you drink.  

- Getting called a “sexy librarian”. I actually kinda like that one, but I hear it gets old. 

- You can’t use hairspray anywhere near them, that stuff requires a lot more than just your complimentary cleaning cloth to remove.

- Looking like a snob when you fail to recognise people you know at the gym because you don’t have your glasses on. 

- People like to try them on. (Pre-glasses, I was the queen of these people. I am so sorry glasses people, please know that I am now one of you and have changed my ways.)

    - And.. people seem to think I’m smarter. 

    But just like Homer, I often fail to live up to their new expectations of me...

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