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The Creepiest Thing Your Kid Has Ever Said

What unnerving thing has your child said that’s made you think ‘yeah, best I sleep with one eye open tonight’.

Let’s just say that Carmen and Fitzi were not prepared for your stories.

It all started when Fitzi told how a couple he knows have a six-year-old girl who has, since Easter, become very interested in death.

But her questions took a turn over the weekend when she drew two headstones – one she wrote her name, and the other, she wrote her brother’s name. She also wrote ‘2017’ on both.

“That night, she looked at her mum right in the eye while she was lying in bed and said, ‘If you die, we could do what we wanted’,” Fitzi said.

Here’s what happened when we threw open the phones… 

And then there's this...

Here's Anna's photo...


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