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'There would’ve been riots': Green Glad Ref Let Fight Go On

Fresh from his win over Anthony Mundine in Adelaide, boxer Danny Green said it was good to be home.

He apologised to Carmen and Fitzi for his incessant yawning; he hadn’t had much sleep.

Green got sweet revenge on Mundine via majority decision on Friday night… the first time the pair had fought since 2006, when Mundine won.

Reflecting on the moments before the bout, Green said that walking out through the crowd to the ring was one of the best he’s ever experienced.

“That and Roy Jones [Jr] where two of the best walk outs I’ve ever had, it was very special,” he said.

Fitzi referred to the track Down Under being played during Green’s ‘walk out’ being part of “one of the greatest sporting moments of all time”.

Green said that, for him, the crowd’s atmosphere was electric.

Then there was that punch.

“Yeah, it came from nowhere, it came from behind,” he said.

“I didn’t know what was going on, obviously, no one would’ve expected to get hit in that situation.

“It knocked me out and would’ve knocked a lot of people unconscious.

“I was stunned.”

Green said that he was glad the referee let the match go on, despite the fact he “wasn’t in good shape”.

“I didn’t want to win the fight by disqualification, because clearly it was a foul, a really bad one,” he said.

“There would’ve been riots.”

However, he knew he had won.

“I was a very close fight, [Mudine] pushed me really hard but I threw more punches.”

“It was a very competitive fight for two guys who have had such a strong rivalry, I think we gave the crowd a very exciting fight.”

Pic credit: The Daily Telegraph

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