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What Is Carmen & Fitzi's 'President of the Show'?

You may have heard that there is an election in our midst.

No, we’re not talking about the WA election, we’re challenging you to elect another leader – a leader of the Breakfast program… a President of the Show.

In the coming days, Carmen and Fitzi will be petitioning you to elect one of them as President of the Show.

The winner will have total ‘Commander-In-Chief’ power over the Breakfast show for one day – they can play, say or do what they like.

For instance, Fitzi said that his show would have a “a fair bit of sport and the music would be mint” and Carmen said she’d love to “play all the 90s grunge from high school.”

The Rules of Engagement

1. Candidates will receive $500 cash, which will be allocated into a campaign slush fund to promote their campaign. Candidates cannot spend more than this cash amount

2. Candidates, unlike politicians, cannot make promises or offers advantages that they cannot personally honour

3. Candidates must execute a ‘Street Rally’ where each candidate hosts a campaign activity in public

4. Candidates cannot use illegal practices such as bribery, undue influence, property damage or create a disadvantage to the other candidate

5. Candidates cannot disregard their current work & personal duties during the campaign

6. Candidate agree to a ‘First in Best Dressed’ policy

7. Any breach of the above guidelines, will see the candidate fined $100 which will be removed from their campaign slush fund

We'll have more information on Carmen and Fitzi's individual policies (and how to vote) in the coming days!

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