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What 'Wallet Girl's' Mum Thought Of Her Live TV Cross

She was only trying to do the right thing by returning a wallet to its owner.

Now, Shae Miller, the woman who jumped into a live Channel Nine cross, has unwittingly woken up this morning as our hero of the Melbourne Cup.

Here’s how it went down... 

Speaking to 96FM’s Carmen and Fitzi on Wednesday, Ms Miller admitted that at the time, she didn’t realise she was on live television.

“I don’t remember seeing a camera or anything like that,

“I was eating my pizza when I got back home and I had messages and people calling me going ‘have you seen this?’ so it all hit home pretty quickly from that point.”

“I think my favourite bit was when you go ‘how dare you!’ that’s the line for me,” said Fitzi.

“I just did not expect him to not help,” she replied.

Carmen mentioned how the reporter, Phil Wilmington, had since copped a bit of flak for not having a sense of humour and ‘not going with the flow’ of the exchange.

“Oh God, I think he did really well,” Ms Miller said.

“I was very up in his face, wasn’t I?”

Ms Miller had earlier told Kyle and Jackie O that the wallet didn’t contain a drivers licence “or a card or anything”, just $3.

“Yeah, we handed it in to security, which is in hindsight what I should have done at the start.”

“What did your mum say?” Kyle asked.

“Oh she’s awesome! She’s so good with that stuff,” Ms Miller said.

“She doesn’t have the shits at all!”


- with Olivia Mackinnon

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