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Why Carmen & Fitzi Said Yeah Nah To Diana's Closest Friend

In the light of the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana's death, Carmen and Fitzi were pretty keen to reach out to that one person who knew her best - her confidante, Paul Burrell.

This guy... who appeared on Celebrity Big Brother UK in 2015...


Who better than him to reminisce and share some touching moments from Princess Diana's life with us, right?

So our Breakfast producer asks him directly if he's available for an interview. 

Burrell replies, saying he'll forward the request to his agent "who will be in contact shortly."



Sounds promising, eh? 

Then his agent got in touch...

"We would be happy to talk to you about making this work if we can agree terms and a fee."


Our producer replied with some details about the content and length of the chat before asking "what sort of terms and fees would be applicable?"

Then came the bombshell.


"Paul's interview fee is £5000."

*record scratch*

At the time of publishing, this converts to $AU8160.

So, if Carmen and Fitzi were to talk to Burrell for 5 minutes, that's about £1000 per minute, which converts to $1632... or $27 a second.

Seriously, we're not sure what Princess Di would think of this, maybe she didn't know him as well as she thought...?

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