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We Spotted MAFS’ Michelle Still Wearing Jesse’s Wedding Ring

It was excruciating, but it’s finally, finally over.

For Married At First Sight’s Michelle and Jesse, anyway.

From the moment she laid eyes on her pre-matched beau at their double wedding with her twin sister Sharon and Sharon’s partner Nick, doubts constantly circled.

But on Tuesday night’s episode, which was actually filmed on December 10, Michelle – whose ambivalence you could almost touch – finally put Jesse out of his misery and let him go.

While the social media backlash has been blistering on the 31-year-old WA local, she told 96FM’s Carmen & Fitzi she simply “gave it her best shot”.

“I was hoping for things to blossom, and to feel a bit more than I felt… but it never eventuated.”

Here’s what she said about not trying to force things, and her clap back to the rumours she is seeing former premier Colin Barnett’s son, Sam.

Soooooo... what about this then, eh?


Off air, Michelle was asked why she was still wearing her wedding band from Jesse.

“Oh god, I should probably take that off,” she said.

Michelle said she hadn’t thought much about what to do with the ring, adding that her wedding dress was still hanging up at home.

After a brief chat, she said she would absolutely consider donating them for a charity event, perhaps as a gown-and-ring package.

We’ll keep you posted.

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