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Barb reveals to Robert that he's been scammed

It's been months since Barb exposed online scammer Niko who lured her into an online relationship and asked her for money. She's found a new lover, Robert! After wasting as much of this criminal's time as possible, Barb returns from the dead to confront Robert about his scamming, criminal ways!

Barb's ghost has come back to haunt Vera!

It's been two weeks since they last spoke, so Vera gets in touch with Robert to see if he's received any money!

Barb has passed, and Robert is still trying to have money sent to him through Vera!

Is Robert cottoning on to our antics? He's demanding pics from the funeral!

Everyone thought that it was over when Barb passed away, but Vera has to get in touch with Robert and begin to settle Barb's estate!

In Barb's final moments, special guest Alan Fletcher delivers the news to Robert that he needs to make the ultimate decision! Does Barb live or die? Robert must understand that Barb's entire estate will be left to him in her will.


After the terrible house fire, Barb is in hospital, just like Robert! Will she make it?

Our friend Ryan Moloney, who you may know as Toady from Neighbours came by the studio to play a role in the #BarbAndRobert madness! Watch as Toady plans to take Barb's cash to Western Union, followed by an unexpected house fire!

PART TWO - Barb calls Robert back and asks for words of love during while amidst a dangerous fire!

Barb is FURIOUS with Robert after the way he spoke to her accountant yesterday!

Our amazing friend and comedic genius Shaun Micallef joined us in the studio and took on the role as Barb's accountant! What happened during the two phone calls was absolute magic!



Robert still has not received any money from Barb, and she's feeling a little bit strange today. Barb tries to squeeze in as many lines from The Matrix as she can without Robert noticing. Remember, it's important to waste this criminal's time!

Kate appears on Sunrise to talk about the serious message behind the Barb and Robert story!

Barb agrees to using Western Union to send money to South Africa, but on one condition...

OMG! Barb and Dr. Geoffrey made a sex video?

SHOCKING! When Barb admits that she was physical with Vera earlier, she asks Robert if he will cover up the possible murder. He agrees!

Barb and Robert have not spoken in a few days since she admitted that she had an affair with Dr. Geoffrey Worthington Smythe. While Barb was in an erratic state, her housekeeper Vera decided to secretly call Robert. You won't believe what happens!

Barb is very drunk and has a huge confession for Robert! Check out his reaction as she tells him that she had an intimate night with her maid's doctor! Remember, this is a criminal that we are dealing with, and the more of his time that we can waste with madness, the more time is taken away from him working with other victims!

Barb has supposedly sent the money for Robert's operation, the poor thing! Now it's time to begin working out their future together! Will they live together? What will he sing to her at their wedding? Who will wipe his......


Hughesy steps in as Barb's doctor to give Robert some pointers!

Barb speaks to Robert's 'Doctor' about the surgery he needs after his accident!

Barb continues to string Robert along.. and asked him what his favourite kind of cheese was! 

Barb had a dilemma with the money so she asked Robert for advice... 

It's official! Robert has asked Barb for money to help fund some materials for his electricity project in South Africa! Barb has exposed another catfish scam artist!

There comes a time where the scammer needs to plant the seed of worry, and that time is approaching! Listen as Robert starts to let Barb know about how there has been some financial trouble on "the project" and he has had to part with his own property to save it.

As the relationship progresses between Barb and Robert, things become intimate, maybe a little too intimate. This sexy pirate roleplay call is super awkward, but all part of scamming the scammer!

WARNING: Parental guidance for younger ears

We all know that Barb loves a song, but listening to Robert sing to barb is TIMELESS!

As Barb and Robert exchange loving words, Robert struggles to pronounce Barb's ex husband Ed's name. He must be struggling to read his notes!

It's clear that Robert is a "God fearing man". So Barb asked Robert to pray for their relationship. Here's what he came up with!

It's interesting how similar the scammer back stories are. Robert reads his like a script, a construction engineer who lives in Florida, but is currently in South Africa for his "project" which we expect to encounter some problems!

Robert also sent an interesting email about how he wanted to "stick pencils in his ears". What did he mean by that?

Kate was away sick yesterday, and coincidentally, so was Barb. In hopes that Robert will make her feel better, she gave him a call before going straight to the doctor!

Barb is back on the horse and looking for love again, and she may have found it! Here's her first call with Robert!

Watching Hughesy listen to Barb and Robert is just as funny as Barb herself!

She's excited, and flushed with passion!

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