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Chungo the sheep leaves the Hughes residence

A friend of Kate's kept Chungo as a pet when he was a little lamb, and Kate's family looked after Chungo during her friend's trip to Bali. Chungo has now grown into a big, wooly, majestic sheep, and he's become too big to live as a house pet, so the question was asked, would he be eaten?

#SaveChungo became the talk of the show, and Chungo will be lodging with the Hughes family for the week before heading off to a farm where he can lead a happy life with other sheep!

LATEST: It's time for Chungo to leave the Hughes residence! We remember the good times...

Hughesy takes Chungo out for a coffee

See the moment that Hughesy meets chungo, and Kate is reunited with him!

Chungo meets to Hughes family and makes himself at home!

We love you Chungo!



Chungo is taking over. #hughesyandkate

A photo posted by David Hughes (@dhughesy) on

Barkly v Chungo #hughesyandkate

A video posted by David Hughes (@dhughesy) on

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