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Shay Reveals The Truth About Suzi Flirting With Dean...

When penthouse couple Dean and Shay joined Hughesy and Kate we all wanted to know just one thing… Had Suzi hit on Dean? 

Shay politely described the Gold Coast mums as "Interesting characters" but that Dean was "probably the only one" Suzi hadn't flirted with! 

Although Suzi did try to steal their builder! 

Hughesy commented on how he was jealous of the prime real estate they've been able to renovate. 

In fact, Dean and Shay said they had no idea where the block was going to be before they came to Melbourne. 

And get this... before the renovation back when the block was that very ugly motel, Hughesy actually stayed there! 

His girlfriend kicked him out of the house one night and that's where he went! 

Listen to the full interview below... 

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