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Hughesy and Holly's terrifying Halloween date

It's Halloween, so it seemed more than appropriate for Hughesy to take Holly on a date to something a bit scary, to show that he can be a thrill seeker as well as a romantic!

"For the first time since its closure in 1895, people are now able to walk the halls of one of Australia’s oldest insane asylums. The history of The Asylum is enough to sicken the stiffest of nerves. Renowned for being run by sociopathic matrons and sadistic neuro-surgeons; very few patients treated in these wards ever left with a cure of their psychosis. Sanity was not the mission. Hysteria was the goal.

At only 14, Elizabeth Donaldson was abandoned at The Asylum by her father after her Mother died from pneumonia in 1899. Extensive bath treatments, lobotomies and shock treatments were administrated to her before she was locked permanently in the isolation of the facility’s bell tower. After the closure of The Asylum in 1910, Elizabeth Donaldson’s deceased body was found alone on the tower floor. To this day, her screams can still be heard in the facility.

Confront your phobias this Halloween and dare to explore The Asylum on foot. Elizabeth and her friends are waiting."

Grab tickets at asylum.spooktober.com.au

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