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Hughesy and Kate Try a Blue-Algae Latte!

Blue-algae latte is the latest trend amongst the hipsters and today Hughesy and Kate tried it for the first time.

The not-quite-right Latte is made from by combining active blue algae, converted into a light blue powder, with ginger and lemon, then dousing the brew with frothy coconut milk and finishing with a decorative yellow flower. 

Co-owner of the Melbourne Vegan Café, Mark Filippelli told Hughesy and Kate although reviews have been a hit and miss the concoction is extremely healthy as it’s “High in antioxidants and high in protein.”

Would you give it a go? #BlueLatte #HughesyAndKate ☕️

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After getting three-quarters of the way through the drink Hughesy told the café owner; “My first taste I was disgusted.”

“I thought this is the worst thing I’ve ever tasted, only three tastes later and I’m getting into it.” Hughesy said.

For those in Melbourne you can try the Blue-Latte at Matcha Mylkbar details below. 

72 Acland Street

St Kilda, VIC, 3182

(03) 9534 1111

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