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Hughesy’s Son Takes On Billion-Dollar Corporation

As the slang saying goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” - This has certainly been the sentiment from Hughesy’s six-year-old son, Raff who is taking on a multi-national company! 

It’s common knowledge that Raff enjoys his Pizza Shapes after we discovered on air a few weeks back that the delicious Arnott’s Biscuit is all he’ll eat from his school lunch box. 

Recently we learnt, Arnott’s changed the recipe used in their tasty treat and the kids aren’t happy! An on air taste testing concluded that the new formula isn’t welcomed by renown chef Shane Delia. 

Following this discovery Raff wrote an open letter to the Nicky the Communications Manager at Arnott’s and it reads; 

Dear Arnott’s,

The New Pizza Shapes are not good. Well, I don’t like them. They do have a lot of flavour but it’s too spicy. Kids might not like them.

From Raff 

Hughesy's six year old son Raff is taking on a billion-dollar corporation! He is NOT impressed with the new recipe used on the Arnott's Shapes. We demand change!! #SaveTheShapes

Posted by Hughesy and Kate on Wednesday, March 30, 2016

This afternoon we heard from Nicky at Arnott’s to explain the reasoning behind the change of Pizza Shapes recipe. She has noted that Rafferty’s feedback has been recorded and will be passed on.

Her full explanation:

For years now we’ve been receiving thousands of contacts from Shapes’ Fans and they’ve been asking for more of what they love (Which is flavour) 

Our chefs went away and they’ve explored how we can deliver this and one of our main problems which you may have noticed was getting the flavour to stick to the biscuit and not fall off into the bag.

Our team have solved this by employing some new technology and we’re also baking the flavour into the biscuit as well as applying it on both sides. 

What we found during this process is the smaller particles (of seasoning) actually stick better to the biscuit where the big ones fall off, hence why you are seeing smaller particles on the new Pizza Shapes.

Raff has taken on Nicky’s explanation but he still feels that this new recipe is too spicy for kids! Nicky has explained that Arnott’s are monitoring this launch really carefully and ultimately its up consumers what they (Arnott’s) make.

I think we will have to wait to see how this plays out! For now it’s up to the Shapes Fans to tell Arnott’s what they think of the new flavour!

Use #SaveTheShapes to join the conversation.

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