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The many faces of Kate during a live show

A lot happens during a Hughesy & Kate show, and we see many faces of Kate between 4-6pm!

Every time the opening music plays, Kate always plays the keyboard, even though there's absolutely no keyboard in the song!


Kate will find a way to turn Hughesy's words against him, no matter what the topic of discussion is. The sarcasm is real here!


By now, Kate's probably got a prolific statement that makes you want to call the show and fire up or agree. Today it was "I don't do Pepsi", but tomorrow it could be "There's no way Stephen Hawking is real".


Now it's probably mocktail hour, and Kate is getting silly. The whole show plan has gone out the window and she's just doing whatever she wants!


No matter what happens, she's got Hughesy in tears of laughter, as well as the rest of Australia!


See you tomorrow Australia! Make sure you drop us a follow on Twitter @HughesyAndKate for more super fun times!

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