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Kate Langbroek’s daughter is going to be a writer

The article appeared in the Sunday Style on 10/04/16

SOMETIMES, the perfection is in the imperfection.

Like a couple of weeks ago, when my 10-year-old daughter, Sunday, discovered my iPad and the magic of typing. She loved it so much that she lay on our bed all Saturday, tapping away on its portable keyboard.

She started with a fictional story, then drifted into her real life, and ended up with one of those poems that spells out your name when you read the first letter of every line.

Anyway, my girl is never going to win The Great Australian Spelling Bee. But what she wrote is somehow beautiful. (And I should know; writing is my gob.)

its my first day of school and i don’t know who i’m going to be friends with and what we will be doing. on everyones first day of school your always scared and don’t know how to have your hair. But the thing i’m most worried about are my grades. I honestly do not care about what people say behind my back just as long as they don’t say it in my face. I do have kindest best friends they are always there for me and don’t tell me what other people say about me, but they do pick sides when on of us have a fight. I’m so lucky to have a school that does not have bullies. The thing i have improved on is speaking up i used to be so shy and i have changed over time.

lots of littler kids are shy and turn out to be so kind and lovely people. So any way back onto the topic, my teacher susan said i really have strong things to say when i write and i could end up to be a writer for my career. I really don’t know what to i do for a gob and i think she also said i could be a golfer with my style of the swing so i really do knot know what to do for a gob.

My brother Jannie is always acting crazy so i thought he would be a great subject to write about. So earlier today Jannie was begging for the phone and of corse Jannie won Mummy’s hart by making puppy dog eyes. You know the feeling where there is someone you want to hurt but you remember what happened to you last time and you start to feel bad for doing it again, well i had that feeling when i was in a fight with Jannie and just left. If you ever get that feeling just remember your knot the only one that gets that feeling.

Today my grandmother anne past on her old fashioned gloves to me, they were the most beautiful and posh things you have ever seen some were leather some were lycra and some were lace. i am going too keep them for as long as i live. Opa and Oma came for breakfast as well as Priscilla and her kids. Sofie Priscilla’s girl went to bounce on the tramp and of course Jan followed. Jannie made Sofie laugh so hard she wet her pants at the time i just came back from my drama classes so i was eating the waffles and pancakes i got a bonus because i came home late i got to have ice cream on my waffles and cream. The other day i was watching Australia’s got talent and i saw a blind man playing the piano he was brilliant he also had the most beautiful singing voice, and wow Australia really does have talent ha ha ha ha!







i am nearly finished my first ever peace of writing so i hope you liked my peace.

I loved your piece, my darling, funny, sweet, unique, clever girl.

It made me quite yellow with joy.

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