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Kate Opens Up About The Only Big Fight She's had with Hughesy

Our Katie is one of the happiest people around. 

She loves her job and loves the people she works with.. Hughesy especially. 

However things weren't always perfect and Kate opened up to news.com.au about the only big fight she's ever had with Hughesy.. 

“I won’t go into too many details because he still doesn't like talking about it,” Langbroek said.

“It was after I’d had my second baby and I’d come back to work and I was so excited to be back on air and I think I was too excited.

“He’d had three months without me and I think he’d quite enjoyed it so when I came back all amped up … (insert fighting noses).”

“We met up at a cafe and my husband came with me and Hughesy came up with the street with his wife and he had a present for me.”

Since then Hughesy and Kate have been as close as best friends get. However there are times Hughesy still annoys her!

“He does things which I believe should only be done in the privacy of your own bathroom,” she said about Hughesy.

“He thinks it’s appropriate to do those things in the office, like clip his toenails or get changed out of his running clothes and leave his undies in the corner of the office.

“And the phone. Oh he’s so addicted to his phone. I've got a lockbox now, which I haven’t used yet, but the day will come where I’ll just take his phone and put it in there and lock it.”

“He’s always trying to wind me up about boys. He has this thing that I’m some sort of cougar, like I’m constantly waiting to prey on some bit of meat that’s come in.

“A week after I breastfed my child on The Panel, John Mayer came on the TV show and referenced it and said, ‘That was really hot.’

“Well a year later when John Mayer came onto our radio show, Hughesy said he was going to mention John’s comment on air.

“I left. I couldn’t stay. It was too embarrassing. I got in my car and I drove away. I was too mortified.”

When asked about her worst interview, Kate said “Avril Lavigne back in her Sk8er Boi period,” she said.

“She was just a horrid little miserable goth.”

Source: news.com.au


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