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Kate’s Dubcall App is HERE and it will change your LIFE!

After months of anticipation, it’s finally here – Kate’s Dubcall App!

undefinedYou’ll NEVER have to make an awkward phone call again. The story began when Kate Langbroek wanted to put an end to awkward phone calls for everyone, with her dream to create her very own app – Dubcall. After speaking about it on air, the team at M5859 Apps called the show to offer their services and makes Kate’s dream a reality…. and Dubcall was born!

How does it work?

Dubcall saves you from having to make awkward phone calls, by ensuring that the number you’re dialing is pre-engaged, so that you go straight through to voicemail!

Dubcall is now available to purchase on the App Store for $0.99. You can also purchase a pack of 10 Dubcall credits for $1.49.


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