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Mundine Sits Ringside for Arch Rival, Danny Green’s Fight

There’s no denying the rivalry between Anthony Mundine and Danny Green is huge so all eyes were drawn to reports that Mundine would be sitting ringside at the Danny Green and Kane Watts fight on Wednesday night in Melbourne.

The Man, Anthony Mundine confirmed with Hughesy and Kate that he would, in fact, be there “checking it out”. 

When Danny Green was asked in a pre-match interview if it’s a distraction having a potential opponent sitting ringside, he said: “No distraction at all because I’m focused on this guy here (Kane Watts).”

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“He’s the bloke that’s trying to knock me out, not the banana sitting ringside spewing out whatever comes out of that bucket” Green Said.

Speaking with Hughesy and Kate, Anthony Mundine responded to those comments saying; “I’m not going to trash talk and say this and say that, I just know that I’ve got the skills to pay the bills, I’ve got the skills to beat him again.”

“He (Danny Green) didn’t win a round in the first fight, and I don’t think he’ll win a round in the second fight either” Mundine told Hughesy and Kate.

When Kate asked Mundine if he would be sitting there during the fight giving Danny Green stink eye trying to psych him out, he responded saying “Nah, I’m hoping he wins”. 

“It’ll be better if he wins because the anticipation for our fight will be bigger” Anthony Said. 

“He got his name off me, no one would have known who he was if it wasn’t for me”.

“I put him on the map, He’d be playing in RSL clubs if it wasn’t for me.” Mundine told Hughesy and Kate on Wednesday.

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Green claimed a hard-earned victory over Watts completing the groundwork for that anticipated Anthony Mundine rematch.

Danny Green didn't have time to keep an eye on archrival Mundine sitting ringside as he beat the Victorian plumber Kane Watts over ten rounds last night.

Hear the full interview from Yesterday’s show below;

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