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Some Good News for People Annoyed at ‘New’ Arnott’s Shapes

It’s been almost a month now since we broke the news that Arnott’s have changed the recipe to their range of ‘Shapes’ in particular the Pizza Shapes. Hughesy’s seven-year-old son Rafferty was the first on the case raising the issue that the kids aren’t happy with the new recipe.

Today we learnt that a box of the original flavoured Arnott’s Pizza Shapes are selling online for $49.95 proving how desperate people are becoming to hold on to the original recipe.


This afternoon Hughesy and Kate checked in with Nicole who is the Communications Manager at Arnott’s.

She’s revealed on air that “Barbeque Original and Chicken Crimpy (The company’s two biggest sellers) Are ALWAYS going to be available in their original format.” 

She’s said “I feel like the $50 eBay Pizza Shapes are a little premature considering they are still in stores but yes we do have a new flavour.”

Hughesy asked “Is there a chance that Pizza Shapes, in their format will be made again?” in which Nicole responded “We’re absolutely monitoring this and when the products are on shelves and we can have a look at what Australians really think about the new flavours, we can then reassess.”

Kate continued to probed Nicole saying “Didn’t you know what Australians thought by the fact they bought millions and millions of the product before” She goes on “isn’t that a clue to a company that people are pleased with what you are doing?”

Nicole responded “There’s also another argument from companies that don’t innovate…”

We will have to wait and see how this plays out once the products hit the shelves Australia wide and Arnott’s have reassessed. 

Hear the full interview with Nicky below. 

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