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The Australian Woman Dating a Convicted Killer

Meet Alice, the Australian woman who has formed a close bond with two men serving time behind bars in America! 

The greatest part of this story is she owes it all to someone from our show for a flippant comment made many years ago. 

Cosmopolitan first reported this unusual story which sparked our interest after they had reported Dave Hughes spoke about Prisoner Pen Pals on TV.

Alice told the magazine; “In 2012 I was watching The Project and Dave Hughes was talking about prisoner pen pal sites.”

“Curious, I googled prisoner pen pals and writeaprisoner.com came up.”

Alice is now involved with two prisoners, Brandon who's detained for murder and Eric serving time for selling weapons. 

This afternoon Alice told Hughesy and Kate; “Brandon was 19, he got into a fight with another teenager…. the other guy had the upper hand, Brandon pulled a knife, the other kid bleed out and died.”

“…it wasn’t anything premeditated, it wasn’t planned, it was just something bad that happened.” She said.

When asked about Eric, Alice told the guys “He’s a little bit of a closed book around his story, and that’s what’s fascinating.”

“He’s older, he’s in his early fifties, he’s in for arms dealing, it’s not his first time inside (prison) and he’s actually released late next year”

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