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The Inspiring Reason This Man Got His Entire Back Tattooed

On Tuesday, Hughesy and Kate spoke about the recent trend, 'eyeball inking', where people are essentially inking their eyes. 

We took to the phones to find out how extreme people are going with their tattoos. 

Of all our callers, one really stood out and left all of us in the studio feeling incredibly uplifted. 

Paul phoned in and told us that he had been badly electrocuted, causing third degree burns to a significant amount of his body, including his back. 

While searching on the internet one night, Paul found images of a woman who had her breast removed and had a tattoo to 'reclaim' the area that was taken away from her. 

He felt inspired by this and did the same to his back. 

Listen to the full interview below... 


Thank you for sharing your story with us Paul! 

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