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The very wise Anthony LaPaglia and his approach on success

A Month of Sundays is the latest film staring Australian Actor Anthony LaPaglia which is a story of redemption that follows Real Estate salesman Frank Mollard (Anthony LaPaglia) who is a bad and unhappy man, and in the most unlikely way strikes up a really beautiful friendship with an old lady.

This afternoon, Hughesy and Kate spoke to the very wise LaPaglia to delve into his new film but also his personal wisdom and the mistakes he made ‘on the road’ which has made him so intuitive today.

“You learn so much more from failures than success” Anthony told Hughesy and Kate. “Success makes you complacent.”    

Speaking about professional failures, the South Australian born Actor explained how (in film and TV especially), “They’re a lot of other people that can help screw it up along the way”

Hughesy questioned him if he ever blames the audience for something they don’t like saying “Guys, you’re just not getting this” Anthony replied “No, because sometimes the audience is smarter than you think.” – “Sometimes people will ask me a question about stuff and Its like (thinking to yourself) Oh my god they’re absolutely right”

Make sure you see this truly beautiful Australian film when it hits cinemas April 28th.

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