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Will Barb Return?

It's been months since Kate's character Barb used online dating to successfully expose an online catfish scammer. This under reported crime is a huge problem in Australia, resulting in many love-seekers losing their savings, homes, and in some cases, friends and family.

Deputy Chair of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Delia Rickard, discusses how prevalent the issue still is in Australia, and the value of the transparent service that we did to raise awareness of the issue.

It sounds like Hughesy wants to get Barb "back on the horse" and looking for love again, so on a whim, Kate quickly gave Niko a call to see if he's still on the mission for money.

Looks like Barb may have to look for new love if she returns!

If you missed the #BarbAndNiko Saga, click here to relive the adventure that exposed an online scammer and provided an insight for potential Australian victims. 

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