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Words Pronounced Differently in America

This afternoon Hughesy and Kate were joined by American comedian Jake Johannsen to discuss those words that Aussies pronounce differently to Americans. Below we have compiled a list of the words…

Adidas (The Brand)

Australians pronounce it: Ad-A-DAS

Americans pronounce it: A-Deed-Us

Buoy (The object that floats in the ocean)

Australians pronounce it: Boy

Americans pronounce it: Boo-ee

Nissan (The Brand)

Australians pronounce it: Niss-an

Americans pronounce it: Knee-San

Semi (as in Semi Trailer)

Australians pronounce it: Sem-ee

Americans pronounce it: Sem-eye

The Australian accent is renown as a hard one to follow for people that aren’t from down under but C’mon they’re some interesting pronunciations do you agree?!

Hear the full chat with Jake Johannsen in the Podcast

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