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Jase & PJ banded together like an arranged marriage on an overseas radio show in 2015. Since then they’ve gone from awkward acquaintances to awkward, non-biological brother and sister and have brought their quirky energy and fresh approach to 96FM at night.

PJ Harding is a self-proclaimed hippie, a best friend to everyone, a week-day vegetarian, easy to love, impossible to hate and fends off endless roasting from her co-host Jase like a champ. PJ’s at home in the wild, just so long as there’s somewhere to buy coffee and burgers.

Joining her nightly is a man among the world's fussiest eaters, Jase Hawkins, he made his name in radio working on The Kyle and Jackie O Show. Dad to two young lads, he is in total denial about growing up himself. Rather than being the mature dad-like figure of the show, he’s turned out to be more like the cheeky little brother, he loves a good prank and would pick air-conditioned shopping over the outdoors any day.

You can guarantee things are always awkward when Jase & PJ are involved.

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