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Bachelor Alex’s Disabled Ex Reveals Truth About Their Split

Recently, there have been reports that Alex Nation, a mum-of-one and favourite to win Richie’s heart, had swiftly dropped her disabled ex to partake in the show.

The reports stated that Alex broke up with her ex boyfriend, Tom Barbour, who is in a wheelchair, in order to compete on The Bachelor.

It was then reported that the media attention and heartbreak had become too much for him, and he had fled the country to get away.

However, after speaking with Kyle and Jackie O, it seems there is a less-dramatic explanation.

Tom, who is currently in Sweden to study, said there the stories are “not true at all.” He also confirmed that the pair split up last September, before she had applied for The Bachelor.

He then revealed that he had applied to study in Sweden as he had been wanting to do it for a long time - but that the two things were unrelated.

As to why they broke up, Tom says that it came down to him being in a wheelchair with her having a young child brought “complexities” into the relationship and that ultimately it was his decision to call things off.

On Alex as a person, Tom says she’s an incredible person who is always true to herself. He says the reports that she’s only doing The Bachelor to lift her own profile are completely ridiculous.

Kyle then asked him how he came to be in a wheelchair.

“I was coming back from a party, and being an adventurous 18-year-old, I went home through a building site. I was playing around on the third floor and there were no stairs down. I thought there was a slide, so I went down it, but it was a piece of construction equipment that finished 8 metres from the ground, so I fell chest-first onto concrete."

As to whether he’s watching The Bachelor, he said he’s snippets, including THAT chocolate bath scene, but isn’t watching.

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