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Bachelorette’s Ryan Reveals What He Said When He Swore On TV

So, Ryan was booted from The Bachelorette in spectacular fashion by Sophie Monk after it became very clear that the two just weren’t meant to be.

After a chat on the couch, Ryan revealed that he likes his relationships to be private and that he wasn’t sure he was willing to be in the public eye.

"Do you reckon you could fit in with my life?" Sophie asked him.

"I do, but, you know, if...if we start spending more time together and start, you know, I guess] getting more of a connection then, I think you're worth it, then of course," he replied, with Sophie replying "You don't think I'm worth it yet?"

Cue crickets.

Sophie then sent him on his way, citing that they’re not supposed to be - and Ryan walked off, seemingly effing and blinding as he went.

96FM’s Hour of Power hosts Kyle and Jackie O couldn’t resist the urge to find out what all the swearing was about.

So Ryan explained it was actually about... beer

"In between me giving Sophie a kiss goodbye and walking off, I kinda looked over at the producers and said, 'Are there beers on ice?' and they said 'no'."

"Are there beers on ice, is what you asked?" Kyle clarified.

Ryan said yes. 

"You wanted a drink?" Kyle asked.

"Yeah," Ryan repeated.

"I was after a beer, you know?"

Then Jackie jumped in.

"And then they said no, and you said this is 'effing bullshit?'" she asked.

"Yeah" Ryan replied.

"Oh, get out of town!" Jackie yelled.

"Hahaha! And they beeped it out to make it look like you had the shits?" Kyle asked.

"Ah TV land, eh?"

What a stitch up. 

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