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Casey Donovan Reveals What She’s Going To Do Now

It’s been 12 hours since Casey Donovan secured her role as Queen of the jungle, taking out the number one spot over Natalie Bassingthwaite and Dane Swan.

This morning she spoke to Kyle and Jackie O and spoke about what she plans to do now that she’s left the jungle.

She also spoke about the fact that Tegan Martin and Kris Smith have been spotted having coffee, and are rumoured to be starting a relationship.

“Look, there were no signs of any banging. In these certain situations, everything gets fast forwarded so quickly; friendships, going out and doing trials, I think they’re just good friends.”

And as far as the winnings go, whether she’s happy to give it to her charity, The Starlight Children’s Foundation, she confirmed she definitely is.

“I know it’s cliche, but these guys need it more than I do.”

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