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Guy Got Mystery Tattoo Live On Air For $10k & It’s NOT Good

This week, 96FM’s Hour of Power hosts Kyle and Jackie O posed a challenge for someone to take part in Kyle and Jackie O’s "Glory Hole".

It’s all because of MTV’s hit show ‘Just Tattoo of Us’ coming to Australia, and we wanted to get in on a piece of the action.

The challenge was for a person to agree to get a mystery tattoo, the bigger (and more horrible) the tattoo, the more money the contestant would win.

Josh was the lucky winner and came in studio to receive his tattoo.


He went for the big, obscene tattoo, worth $10k - and stuck his shaking arm, through the glory hole and the tattooist went to work on Josh’s arm.


Fast forward half an hour, and the tattoo was revealed live on air, with Josh’s girlfriend Elise next to him.


… it wasn’t good.


The tattoo was of Donald Trump nude, wrinkles all over his body, with a dollar sign where his peen should be.


It was pretty horrific - but for these newlyweds, well worth the $10k.

A HUGE thanks to Yzart&ink & monarch tattoo supplies & tattoo studio for sorting out the awesome tattoo.

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