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Hugh Hefner’s Valet Confirms The ‘Bunnies’ Were Given Drugs

96FM’s Hour of Power hosts Kyle and Jackie O this week spoke to Stefan Tetenbaum - Hugh Hefner’s valet in the 70s.

He opened up to Kyle and Jackie O about what like was like within the walls of the Playboy mansion, from sexual experiences with the ‘bunnies’ to how Hugh liked his room stocked.

One of the most insightful parts of the chat was when Stefan shed light on an issue Holly Madison had brought up in the past; drugs at the Playboy mansion.

Madison has before claimed that she was drugged while living in the mansion; claims that were never proven. Jackie took the opportunity to ask Stefan what he thought.


"Holly Madison claims Hugh drugged her, do you think that’s true?"

His answer was pretty shocking: "I’m sure he did, he drugged a lot of people."

Kyle pressed Tetenbaum further by asking if Hef himself drugged them, or if people took them willingly.

"Because there is a difference, was he doing it without their knowledge?" Jackie added.

Tetenbaum said that Hef gave out Quaaludes (a sedative), and GranMonte (booze).

"That’s the mix he liked to get them under his control," he said.

Kyle asked Tetenbaum if he 'got into' the Quaaludes.

"Myself? Oh no," Tetenbaum said.

"I had to stay far away from that because everything is recorded, I wanted to keep my job."

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