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Bachelorette Jen On What REALLY Happened During THAT Fight

So, Jen walked off The Bachelor last night in a dramatic showdown after she told Matty J what he’d heard Lisa say about him in the house.

She said Lisa called Matty a ‘fame whore’ and admitted she ‘wasn’t into him’ - Jen then took it upon herself to ‘warn’ Matty.

Afterwards, Elise confronted Jen, calling her out for throwing another girl ‘under the bus’. A fight ensued, and over it, Jen packed her things and left the mansion.

However, when 96FM’s Hour of Power hosts Kyle and Jackie O spoke to Jen, she described the moment we didn’t get to see -  that Florence not only came to Jen’s rescue, but also claimed that Lisa did say what Jen accused her of - and Elise knew it, too.

Oooooh, the plot THICKENS.

"You don’t see a lot from her on the show, is [because she's not into Matty] why?" Jackie asked.

"It’s probably because she’s boring, that was the most interesting thing she’d said," Jen replied.

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