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Guys, Sophie Monk Revealed The Winner Of The Bachelorette

If you’ve been watching The Bachelorette each week, no doubt you’ve been waiting with bated breath to see who Sophie Monk chooses.

She took off to Thailand because she’s "not a good liar" and scared she’d give it away.

It seems that being an ocean away didn’t help though.

96FM’s Hour of Power hosts Kyle and Jackie O spoke to Soph, which Jackie boldly asked if she and Kyle wanted to know [who the winner was], would she tell them?

"You know I would," Sophie revealed.

"Well I’m going on record now saying I want to know," Kyle declared.

"I feel like I want to know too," Jackie agreed.

Kyle then promised that they would beep out the answer, "so no one else can hear, just Jackie and I."

Check out the vid up top, but really, this pic is everything...

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