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This Tradie Was Fired From His Job For Being ‘Too Hot’

You’d think it would be a blessing to be really, really, ridiculously good looking but it turns out that for some people that’s not the case. Take Sam Newman for example; the hunky Kiwi tradie who was actually FIRED from his job for being, well, just too darn hot.

Sam was an assistant roofing technician from Solid Roofing in Auckland and often found himself working shirtless because of the heat. He didn’t find this to be a problem until he went to one job in particular for a married couple, and the husband allegedly became incredibly jealous.

According to Sam, the main problem started when the wife offered him a drink and asked if he wanted a ham and cheese croissant for lunch.

“It was getting close to lunch time and she asked if I was hungry or wanted a drink and asked me if I wanted to come inside…and I said, ‘No it’s okay I’ll just go up the road and get some lunch’, and that was about it,” explained Sam during the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning.

Seems innocent enough right? Well, not according to the woman’s husband of ten years who thought that the exchange was an example of Sam trying to flirt with his wife!

The husband allegedly complained to Sam’s boss and also said that the work he had done on the roof wasn’t up to scratch, claiming that the paint was uneven and the roof was too thin.

Solid Roofing director Peter Vandenberg firstly gave Sam a written notice, warning him about what he described as “serious misconduct” before eventually firing him.

Of course this sounds incredibly out of line and would fall under the category of wrongful dismissal, so we were left wondering how the boss in question actually thought that he had the right to fire Sam.

“So what did the boss say to you? Because I don’t understand how he can say to your face, ‘Look, you’re just too hot, I’m threatened by you, you need to go’”, asked Jackie.

But this is where it gets confusing and according to Sam, some new information has just appeared. He only just found out that the husband never actually complained and his boss actually made the whole thing up to cover his own skin.

“It’s a complicated situation. My boss actually wasn’t there and I just sort of told him about this lady and how she offered me to come inside,” explained Sam. “And then about a month later the job actually went bad and she complained about the quality of the work because the boss actually gave me the wrong colour paint to spray. And he tried twisting it and blaming me by making up this flirting allegation.

“Until like Friday I’d actually never heard from the husband or the wife and then the Husband actually called me on Friday night, got hold of my details and stuff and asked me what was going on…He told me that he never actually complained about me flirting, and so my boss had actually completely made this up about me flirting with the wife.”

So basically the boss didn’t like that the mistake made on the roof was his fault, so instead of claiming responsibility he used the flirting story that Sam had told him as grounds to blame it on him.

But thankfully, the Employment Relations Authority have since investigated the incident and found that the written warning and dismissal given to Sam were unjustified.

“Vandenberg said he had received a ‘serious complaint’ from the customer’s wife about Mr Newman’s flirtatious behaviour. He had not. Rather, the customer’s husband was annoyed by the attention his wife was paying to Mr Newman ad Mr Cameron working with their shirts off”, said authority member Anna Fitzgibbon.

The ERA also compensated Mr Newman with $22,875 for “injury to feelings and unjustified dismissal”.

So while Mr Newman’s circumstances were more of a big misunderstanding than anything, it got us to thinking, how many people out there are actually impacted by their good looks? And well, if these calls from our listeners are anything to go by, apparently it’s happening all the time!

Take a listen to the times that our callers have had their looks work against them in their day to day activities in the video below.

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