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150 WA L-Platers Are Flunking Their Driving Tests Every DAY

Every day, more than 150 WA L-platers aren’t passing their practical tests.

Yep, about 150 per day.

Last year, more than 57,500 learners across the state failed their assessments, according to the Department of Transport.

The West Australian reported that the failure rate of almost 55% was up from 54% in 2016.

In 2015 the fail rate was 52%

In 2013 it was 44%

The department pointed to under-preparedness as the most common reason for failure.

“Many candidates want to sit their test as quickly as possible but are simply not ready,” DoT driver and vehicle services general manager Steve Mitchinson said.

Other top reasons included:

- Lack of knowledge about road rules

- Not fully stopping at the stop line or rolling through

- Speeding

- Failing to undertake physical head checks of vehicle blind spots.

Paul & Lise weighed in on the story on Tuesday, Paul suggesting that the rate of fails could be attributed to driving becoming a “passive activity”.

He took it yet a step further by saying that not only should learners go for manual licences and not automatic, but that there should be a test on how to change a tyre.

“It’s time that we start respecting the vehicle again,” he said.

Lise upped the ante yet again by suggesting that tests should have to be taken every couple of years.

“Like a checkup!”

They then threw open the phones…

Check out the vid up top.

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