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The Top 30 Fish & Chip Shops Up For The Australian Awards

One of the most delicious elections has just kicked off this week to find Australia’s best fish and chips.

And, as part of the voting period, the Australian Fish and Chip Awards have announced the list of WA contenders which made the cut.

With just two categories, there’s no mucking around either. There’s the People’s Choice and a Judge’s Choice. Bam. Easy. 

Contenders will be rated against five criteria:

Taste - does the seafood taste good?

Service - does the service meet customer expectations?

Choice - is there a range of seafood?

Information - are customers provided with accurate information about the seafood and does the menu comply with the Australian standard for fish names and is the seafood’s provenance (where it came from) accurately listed?

Presentation - is the shop clean and inviting and is the food packaged well to maintain quality?


Voting is open until midnight on September 15.

Check out the video up top!

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