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Fringe World 2018 Kicks Off In Perth

A mishmash of culture and comedy will be on show in Perth this long weekend as Australia Day celebrations begin alongside the Fringe World festival.

However, although she loves Fringe, Lise was concerned that some performers are bound to get overlooked because of the overwhelming amount of shows scheduled.

“It’s too much to choose from, and there’s so many acts… you might get missed…are people going to see you because there is so much going on.”

The Fringe website says that there are more than 750 events spread over the month. 

However, Lise totally rated The Pleasure Garden – easily one of Fringe’s most-recognised hubs.

“What I love is the Pleasure Garden and that area around, there’s lots of stuff for kids.”

She’s not wrong either, for example, the Fringe World Mermaids (a massive hit with kiddos) are back at The Pleasure Garden.

Speaking of venues, get this: Fringe has almost 130 of them, from the city up to Geraldton, over to Rottnest and out to Midland.

Full Fringe schedule here.

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