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The Way AFL Players Used To Take Pee Breaks Is Flat-Out Rank

West Coast Eagle Elliot Yeo admitted it felt good to get a win under the belt at the weekend after some inconsistent footy recently… but really, it wasn’t football that got our attention on Wednesday morning.

Gird your loins.

It started with Paul bringing up the latest Avengers movie and how Elliot coped with it being an epic three hours.

“Did you take a toilet break?” asked Paul.

“I did,” Elliot replied, adding, “I took two.”

Yeo recalled how he was upsold to a jumbo-sized drink at the candy bar.

“It was about a litre-and-a-half of Coke Zero, it was basically a bucket.”

A combination of nerves and a bucket of soft drink meant that Yeo had to duck out of the movie twice.

This led to Paul asking the inevitable.

“How do footy players do it? What if you need to have a pee in the first half?”

Yeo said that players had to just wait until quarter time or half time.

That’s not, however, what it used to be like.

“The worst thing was, if you had to go, you’d get the towel then… Gatorade cup,” Elliot said before adding that the AFL clamped down on the practice.

Paul asked where that would take place.

“On the bench,” Elliot deadpanned.

“On the bench?” Paul exclaimed.

“That is so revolting,” Lise chimed in.

“I’m not saying we did it!” Elliot said.

Lise then said what a lot of us were thinking…

“In the heat of the moment, you reach down for a Gatorade and you just smash it down…”

Check out the whole chat in the vid up top…

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