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Are Perth Car Park Spaces Getting... Smaller?

OK, so we have no official proof here but, jeez, does it feel like car bays are getting smaller?

Like in shopping centres and with street parking, Lise threw it out there on Tuesday that individual spots seemed to be getting harder to get your car in.

Vince from Kardinya reckons the car bays on High Street in Freo were "definitely" smaller.

“The front of the car is on the line, the back of the car is on the line,” he said of his car.

“So if you have a car in front of you on the line and a car behind you on the line, you’re either stuck in or you can’t get in the parking bay.”

Lise said it was ridiculous.

Josh from Alexander Heights agreed, but then the conversation took a hard right and actually ended up with Lise challenging him to a parallel parking contest. 

Check out the video up top

It reminded us of this story last week of a Perth woman who called for "more understanding" of drivers with massive vehicles.

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