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Are You The Black Sheep Or The Golden Child?

Are you the black sheep of your family, or are you the golden child?

While it’s something that no parent wants to admit, you might have a fair idea of where you fit in your family dynamic. Especially if you have siblings.

On Thursday, Lise was talking about her high-achieving brother when she deadpanned that there was no doubt that she was the ‘dud sibling’.

“I remember when my parents split up and one of my parents only wanted to take my brother,” she said.

Paul chimed in with a story about his own brother, except his experience was decidedly less Jan and more Marcia.

“Oh, Daniel’s the dud sibling,” he said.

“If I was purchased at Woolies, you would’ve got Daniel at Aldi.”

Lise asked Paul about when he realised that he was the ‘golden child’.

“Probably when mum just gave me her car,” he said.

He tells the full story in the vid up top.


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