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Best Air Guitarist Wins National Comp With SURPRISING Song

The last time Paul & Lise rubbed shoulders with ‘The Jinga Assassin’, he was heading to the national finals of the national Air Guitar Championships in Melbourne.

Twelve competitors - all champion air guitarists in their individual states - were all vying for the top spot in front of a thirsty crowd of 150.

The song he performed to was nothing short of risky – but really, it was kind of brilliant.

Where most air guitarists push it out to the likes of AC/DC, Metallica and Guns N’ Roses, the Jinge’s choice was nothing short of risky.

“It [was] an unconventional selection,” he said before Paul & Lise fired off the opening bars to Michael Jackson’s Beat It.

His reasoning?

“The thing is,” he began. “Beat It… Eddie Van Halen.”

“Of course, of course!” Paul exclaimed.

The Jinga Assassin went further.

“You’ve got a cracking Eddie Van Halen riff, you’ve got an amazing Eddie Van Halen solo and you’ve got that blended in with the greatest pop star of all time, I mean, c’mon.”

Paul said that it made perfect sense.

“How did we not think of it before?”

And it paid off.

He totally left the other 11 competitors in his wake.

Officially, The Jinja Assassin is the second-best air guitarist in the world. But on Sunday, he flies back out to the World Air Guitar Championships in Finland to have another crack at the top.

*According to 96FM’s Music Director, Beat It is considered “Pop Rock”

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