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'Please Tell Me You're Joking Right Now'

“The tattoo is for my first wife right on the pubic bone. I need it gone, I’m getting married again to my high school sweet heart and it’s time to be removed.”

This was the situation Jye from Camillo found himself in… that was before Paul & Lise swooped in, with some help from Be Gone Laser Clinics.  

We put out the call for those who had a tatt they regretted for the chance to have it removed.

Thing is, there was a catch.

You had to get permission to get it removed from whoever you got the tattoo for.

That’s when Jye came into the picture.

“Well, I was married quite young,” he told Paul & Lise on Monday.

“And it’s a nickname of my ex-wife”

The tattoo is the word UNNI (pronounced like ‘honey’ without the ‘h’)


Jye said he got it on a trip with his now ex-wife, Jade, to Bali.

“It was sort of a saviour trip for our marriage because we were going through a bit of a hard time.”

Unfortunately, the tattoo outlasted the relationship.

Paul & Lise then told Jye that they were going to call Jade, right there and then, and he was going to have to get her thumbs-up before he could be eligible for it to be removed.

“If she says yes, you can get the tattoo removed,” Lise said.

 They then called his ex, Jade.

After a few rings, she picked up

“Well, I need to ask you whether or not you would be willing for me to get rid of the tattoo that I got in Bali of your nickname,” Jye said.

A brief pause was met with one word from Jade.


Jye simply said it was time for it to be removed and again asked if that was OK.

Jade shocked us by what she said next.

“No, I think you should have it branded on you to remind you of the marriage,” she said.

“You can’t be serious, are you joking? Please tell me you’re joking right now” Jye replied.

“What, you don’t agree?” Jade said.

After a few moments, Jade laughed and said she didn’t mind.

Paul & Lise expressed instant relief.

“Jade, I thought for a minute you were actually going to leave it on some sort of weird punishment,” Lise said.

“I’m not that evil,” Jade said.

Paul & Lise will give away more Be Gone tattoo removal treatments throughout the week.

Be Gone, for the you you want to be. 

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