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Book Week Costumes You’ve Thrown Together At The Last Minute

Book Week. Fun for kids, not always so much fun for parents.

“Book Week is always a challenge in our house,” Lise said on Monday.

Thing is, it’s usually a challenge because, Lise said, her daughter Bella, 8, doesn’t give her enough notice for Book Week, where kids go to school dressed up as their favourite character from a book.

Like this one... 

“So, we have a conversation on Saturday,” she said.

“About the fact that it’s Book Week on Monday.”

Lise admitted that, yes, she could’ve read the school newsletter, or the school email.

“There’s really no excuse,” Paul chimed in.

However, Lise said that Bella had it all worked out and proceeded to tell her that she was going to go as “EJ12”.

    “I said ‘who’s that?’ and she said ‘she’s a character in a book’.”

    Lise said they looked it up and, turns out, EJ12 is a series of books and the protagonist is the girl hero.

    “So it’s legit,” Lise said before she began to describe what the EJ12 costume would look like when Paul deadpanned: “It’s a pair of shorts and a hoodie.”


    “Is your child’s expectations that low now, at 8 years old, that she has to concede that if mummy’s going to prepare her a costume for Book Week it’s a pair of shorts and a hoodie?”

    Lise then further described the ‘costume’, that it was put together using what Lise had tucked away in her wardrobe.

    Paul couldn’t help himself.

    “So your child has gone to school dressed like your mid-life crisis,” he teased.

    “Correct,” Lise said.

    Paul then suggested other characters Bella could’ve gone as, including Harry Potter.

    “Last year she went as Batgirl,” Lise said.

    “Well, I guess a comic book is a book, to an extent,” Paul said.

    “That’s what I tried to tell the teacher,” Lise said.

    We'd love to hear about the last-minute costumes you've pulled together for your kids... 

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