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Boozy Mini Golf Legends Holey Moley Are Opening At Carousel!

Those boozy mini golf champs at Holey Moley Golf Club are opening at Carousel, and they're looking for staff.  

Lise initially thought that Paul would be a perfect fit, because not only will there be the bonkers putt-putt course, DJs, crazy cocktails and karaoke as standard, but they'll also have escape rooms (so hot right now).

But, get this: they're combining with, hold my beer, Strike Bowling.

Yep, bowling. You bloody ripper. 

But, like I said, Lise reckoned that Paul would be great at running the karaoke, and while he agreed, he stopped short. 

"Why do you keep suggesting...? I've got a job at the moment, if you've noticed."

"Yeah, I'm just saying," Lise said. "You know... I dunno."

"Are you thinking a back-up plan?" Paul replied, slightly alarmed. 

But while the karaoke would be right up Paul's alley, we're really not sure that he'd be good at customer service or making cocktails... or playing golf. 

Basically the chat ended up as a low-key roast of Paul. 

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