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Cadbury’s Newest Chocolate Combo Has Divided Paul & Lise

“Do you remember the Cadbury Caramilk chocolate?” Lise asked Paul on Tuesday morning.

“Like everyone was going nuts for it, you couldn’t get it in stores, I think we found a bar at IGA Australind?”

“Yeah, or was it Bunbury? Yeah, yeah,” Paul said.

Lise's prediction was that Cadbury had worked out that if they bring out an unusual chocolate people will go nuts for it. 

And, Lise thinks they may have done it again with their newest combo: Cadbury with CCs Original and Cadbury with Kettle Sea Salt chips.

“What, it’s a bag of chips crushed up into chocolate?” Paul asked.

“OK, yeah,” Lise said.

Thing is, these two had completely different reactions to the chocolate’s description that the taste should combine sweet, salty, crunchy and smooth.

Paul’s point, however, was to remember what we were all like when salted caramel came onto the scene…

Check out the vid up top

The chocolate is in stores for a limited run.

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