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The Specific Rules This Listener Uses To Play Lotto

Do you belong to a Lotto syndicate?

Lise brought it up on Thursday after learning that the winner of the $10 million OZ Lotto jackpot was actually made up of a 22-member syndicate.

This means that each will take away about $457,000.

"Syndicates fascinate me," Lise said before admitting to never being part of one.

"I just think what if you have a lot of people in the syndicate and you only win two million dollars?"

She then mentioned that 96FM has a syndicate of about 30 people (which also involves staff at 6PR) but it hadn’t ever won anything beyond about $100.

The chat then turned to Lotto in general, and what little rituals you use when picking numbers and even decided where to buy a ticket.

Check out the vid up top.


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