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Cockburn Sunscreen Message Ruffles Online Feathers

It’s 2018, which means the internet is divided over whether they should be offended by something or not.

This time it’s over a #sunsmart marketing campaign by the Cockburn Aquatic and Recreation Centre.


Comment highlights include…

“Is this intended for the naturists?”

“This is not cool, sexual innuendoes at a place where kids play”

“The administrator on this page needs to be more respectful of those that don’t approve. I think you should be responding with a non bias response.”

“I know it's supposed to be funny but by emphasising the 'burn' it also emphasises the 'cock'. Surprised it was approved.”

“Apply Sunscreen regularly ... or you know ... wear pants.”

“Mmmmm not sure about that one...”

“how is where I live even real (laugh face)”

The Cockburn Gazette reported the City of Cockburn governance and community services director Don Green as having said the campaign was developed by the centre’s management team to encourage patrons to apply sunscreen at the ARC.

He said that despite skin cancer being one of the most common cancers in Australia, people were not applying sunscreen.

“Getting the message across is difficult.”

Green added that the team saw an opportunity to leverage off the suburb’s name and get noticed.

And get noticed it did, featuring the story on Paul & Lise’s Local Yokel segment on Wednesday.

Paul & Lise congratulated the team’s effort on Wednesday.

“We say well done,” said Lise.

“We say you’re very clever and we would like to see this kind of cleverness from other councils and aquatic centres.”

To those who were offended, Cancer Council WA SunSmart manager Mark Strickland said what was more offensive was the thousands of deaths and millions of dollars needed to treat people with skin cancer each year.

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