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Coke Zero Update: Perth’s Hot Spots Dwindling

Well, Coke Zero fans, it seems another outlet has bitten the dust.

In 2017, we learned that the sugarless Coke Zero was being phased out in favour of Coca-Cola No Sugar and Diet Coke (also sugarless).

However, it wasn’t until September last year that Paul & Lise (huge fans of Coke Zero) first started to feel the effects.

It was getting way harder to track down, and they weren’t alone.

After throwing open the phones, what came back was a couple of hot spots where the drink was still sold - one person was even hoarding slabs of the stuff.

On Wednesday, Lise broke the news to Paul.

One of her personal Coke Zero hot spots, Officeworks in Morley, has run dry.

Clearly, it’s time to update our Coke Zero hot spot list, if you know of one, let us know!

- Woolworths – Woodvale & Kingsway

- IGA – Redcliffe & Southern River

- Officeworks Morley

- Jane’s house in Alexander Heights

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