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Could THIS Be Why Trucks Keep Hitting The Baysie Bridge?

Ahhh, the Bayswater Subway, possibly the only structure in Perth which has its own Instagram and website (the perfectly-named howmanydayssincebayswaterbridgehasbeenhit.com) devoted entirely to it being hit by motorists.

At the time of publish, it was last hit 10 days ago, which means 2018 has been incident-free. We also know it’s only a matter of time before that changes.  

But despite its notorious reputation and warning signs (including one that flashes), 96FM’s Paul & Lise wanted to know how on earth people were still managing to get stuck.

Dave from Ellenbrook, a truckie, had previously called to say he knew why.

“The reason it’s being hit so much now is because Google Maps keeps taking people that way.”

Maybe if they put up a 4th sign? #bayswaterflattop #bayswatersubway #limbo

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Julian in Wembley agreed that the map app was partly to blame as it finds the quickest and shortest route.

He also mentioned that motorists looking at Google Maps – not just listening to its directions – was a factor.

“They’ll look at that – not the whole time – but every now and then to check they’re going the right way or they’re looking for the next turn and miss the signs.”

SRSLY? Not even fucking close, man.

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Julian suggested that truck drivers should be able to set height limits within the app, which Paul thought was a great idea.

“And if you get too close to the bridge, then your ignition switches off,” he deadpanned.  

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